When speed and flexibility are more important than durability and strength, a Trail Shoe is the shoe for you.

While still offering the vital support to feet and ankles which is so important when moving at speed, these shoes are made from lightweight and flexible materials to ensure that you really are fleet of foot.

Modern Running Technology

Many of the shoes in our range contain the latest in modern running technology such as advanced lacing systems to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, breathable mesh uppers to enable maximum air circulation, and sole units with a low profile - meaning your foot is closer to the ground - therefore improving your foot's feel for the ground.

Lightweight Foot Support

While a lot of this new technology can be confusing and difficult to understand it is good to remember these basic tips when buying a Trail Shoe:

Extra cushioning improves comfort, but increases weight and reduces your feel of the ground.

The lighter the shoe, the better the time

To improve support, ensure the shoe has firm padding around the arch of the foot and inside of heel

Your toes can take a beating when running.

Make sure that the end of the shoe is hard wearing and includes some reinforcement.