Your safety and the safety of others in your group is of paramount importance. While the majority of trips pass without incident, it is important that you are prepared for every eventuality. From splinters, cuts and grazes, to sprains, pulls and breaks, when you’re in the wild, no injury is too small to be ignored. The benefits of staying hydrated are explained elsewhere in the site, but keeping safe and healthy is more than just drinking water. It’s about being prepared. First Aid & Preparation Our range of First Aid Kits, Emergency blankets, Mosquito nets, Insect Repellent, and Skin Care products provide the best assistance both in preventing unwanted incidents, and in tackling emergency situations. All of our First Aid Kits are packed with the essential equipment which you would expect. Indeed, most of our kits are comprehensive enough to be used as your home or car emergency aid packs as well. We also have a great selection of Toiletries and Cleaning products. With washbags, washing gel and fabric wash can wash away the old grubby camping stereotype!