One of life's great experiences is to brave all that winter can throw at you; from snow, hail, rain to ice sharp winds that bite your nose!

In such weather you will need a winter jacket that protects you from these elements whilst not prohibiting you from continuing with your outdoor pursuits. We have broken down our range of winter jackets into 3 categories, to highlight how they are suitable for different conditions and activities:

Padded Jacket

Our padded jackets are a perfect everyday winter jacket that will keep you toasty and warm in extremely cold weather. They can be broken down in to two main types: those that are filled with natural down and those that are filled with man made microfibre. The fill of the jacket will determine its properties. Natural down was engineered by nature and offers the ultimate insulation to ensure warm air is trapped and keeps you warm. Microfibre has been developed by man to imitate the properties of down, it is a great alternative for those with allergies or who prefer not to wear animal products. The natural down is lighter in weight than microfibre, so, if you are looking for a lighter weight warm jacket, this should be taken into consideration. Many of our padded jackets are made from waterproof fabric and so are suitable for wet conditions; although, should you be expecting downpour, we advise that you consider one of our jackets within our outerwear.

Outerwear Jacket

Our outerwear jackets are a great all rounder and are the winter jacket of choice for keen hikers and ramblers, as they are versatile in all conditions. We have 3 different categories of outerwear jacket within the Mountainlife and Mountainlife Extreme range; these include the 3 in 1 style jacket, the Trilaminate jackets and the waterproof shell jackets. The 3 in 1 jacket has a detachable fleece enabling you to adapt to varying conditions, whilst the waterproof breathable outer jacket keeps you dry. The Trilaminate jackets are light weight jackets that consist of 3 layers. Some of our Trilaminate jackets are made of fabric with a hydrostatic weight of either 5,000mm or 10,000mm; the hydrostatic weight indicates the level at which water will permeate the fabric, so the higher the number the more suitable the jacket is for hard downpours. The Trilaminate jackets are lightweight and would require additional thermal and fleece layers to ensure you keep warm. Layering is an ideal way of keeping warm in winter when pursuing physical activities such as hiking, as you can adjust insulation more effectively, towards your current body temperature, than if you were wearing only one padded jacket. Waterproof shells offer breathability and protection from rain, like the outershell jackets. It is recommended that wear you thermals and fleeces for additional warmth. The waterproof shells are available in 2 different lengths: the longer waterproof shells are ideal for walking in the rain, as they provide additional waterproof protection to your upper thighs; whereas we recommend the waist length outershells for hiking up steep inclinations, as this will prevent movement from being restricted.

Ski and Snowboarding Jackets

Our Ski and Snowboarding jackets are designed to keep you extremely warm and comfortable in the wintry conditions found on top of a mountain. All our ski and snowboarding jackets are made of resilient fabric suited to the abrasion that occurs on the slopes when skiing and snowboarding, which makes them a popular all round hard wearing winter jacket.

The key features of our Ski and Snowboarding jackets are designed to keep you warm and dry in the snow; you can choose from jackets that are made from waterproof fabric, and jackets which are made from waterproof fabric and have taped seams. We recommend that if you are looking for a ski and snowboarding jacket that doubles up as a waterproof winter jacket that you choose our Ski and Snowboarding jackets with taped seams, as this will prevent water entering the seams in heavy downpours. Our snowproof jackets without taped seams are ideal for snowy conditions or light rainfall. Detachable snow skirts are a key feature we recommend if you are choosing a ski and snowboarding jacket to wear off the slopes. The detachable snow skirt will allow for more comfortable movement when off the slopes. We would not recommend our Ski and Snowboarding jackets if you are considering hiking in steep terrain, as the jackets are well padded and do not provide the flexibility required. However, our Ski and Snowboarding jackets make a fantastic addition to your wardrobe even if you are not planning a trip this season, as they are designed to keep cold sharp winds at bay and make sure you stay toasty and warm.