Skiing is an extreme activity and is not only hard on your body, but also on your clothing!

Therefore it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your skiwear is well looked after. By looking after your skiwear, you will prolong its ability to protect you against the winter elements. Cleaning your Skiwear regularly will help to maintain its waterproof and breathable properties season in and season out.

Each of our Mountainlife Skiwear garments come with its own individual care instructions. Depending on the fibre content of your skiwear, and the lining, will depend on whether your skiwear can be washed or will require dry cleaning.

We recommend that you reproof all our Mountainlife Skiwear after washing, as this will further enhance water-resistance and breathability.

The following washing instructions outline the most foolproof way to look after you Mountain Life Skiwear.

Follow garment washing instructions.

Unzip all zippers and close all flaps and tabs.

Wash and dry separately - give your ski jacket plenty of room in the machine.

Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.

Use the minimum amount of soap.

Follow the manufacturer`s instructions on the package of fabric wash.

Use either the gentle cycle on your washing machine or hand wash.

Rinse thoroughly. Use a second rinse cycle.

If hand washing, gently squeeze the water from your jacket - Do not wring or twist.  This can damage the waterproof/breathable coating or separate it from the inside of the shell.

Tumble dry on low to medium heat (permanent press setting).  Do not dry your ski jacket by hanging it over a heat source. This can also damage the waterproof/breathable coating

All ski jackets can be sprayed when damp to restore the DWR after washing.

Mountain Warehouse offers its own exclusive Mountainlife Technical Proofer, which we recommend for the reproofing of all of our Mountainlife Outdoor Clothing Range.

The following symbols will help you determine how to best care for your Mountainlife Skiwear. Each garment comes with its own individual symbols.

Wash Tub: The washing process by machine or hand

Triangle: Chlorine bleaching

Iron: Ironing

Circle: Dry Cleaning

Circle in Square: Tumble Drying (after washing)

St. Andrew's Cross: Do Not (any symbol with the cross)

It is important to follow the instructions as each garment will have its own set of care instructions.


Hard Shell Skiwear

Most of our Mountainlife Skiwear ranges are hard-shell garments. Many of the jackets come with a removable inner fleece. Remove the fleece and wash separately as indicated on the garments care instructions. Then wash you Hard Shell Ski Jacket separately following each individual garments care instructions correctly. Most will allow you to wash in warm water on a gentle cycle or hard wand wash. This will protect the performance fabric and ensure your Mountainlife Skiwear lasts much longer.

Fleece Jackets

For the best results, zip the jacket up and turn your jacket inside out, and wash on a cold cycle. This will prevent the fleece from pilling. Use only the smallest amount of laundry soap as this will keep your fleece fluffy and soft. Avoid tumble drying and dry away from a direct heat source.

Soft Shell Jackets

Soft Shell jackets will perform to their best if regularly cared for and cleaned carefully. Most can be washed in a warm or cold cycle using standard laundry detergent. Avoid using a liquid detergent as this can block the breathable pores of the jacket. Use our Mountainlife Technical Proofer to reproof, and in most cases tumble dry on a cool temperature, or line dry and cool iron.

Stain Removal

Now here is a great tip for keeping your Mountainlife Skiwear stain free! The best way to remove the likes of gum, or food from your Skiwear is to freeze it with ice. Yes, freeze it! Once the substance is frozen, use a blunt knife or similar to scrape off as much as possible. Then follow the regular washing instructions. For those stains which just won't budge, and for oil stains, use a gentle dish soap detergent on the stain and wash as usual.

If in doubt about how to care for your Mountain Life Skiwear, please feel free to contact our customer services team at any time.

Happy Skiing!