Skiing is a specialist sport, so it's important that you're kitted out with the right gear.




A good quality men's jacket is a great investment. This is the outer layer in a three-layer system. It is important to have an insulated, waterproof and windproof jacket, with covered or waterproof zips, and which is close fitting around the cuffs and collar. A breathable jacket, whilst not essential, will allow your body moisture to escape while still keeping the snow out keeping you dry, warm and comfortable. Mens outerwear will accommodate a wide range of sizes with long arms and legs to suit the male frame. Other features which you may find useful are a snow skirt, which does up around your waist and keeps out snow should you fall, and a good quality hood to keep out snow and wind chill in bad conditions. Look out for other features like lift pass holders, mobile phone and IPOD pockets, and a map pocket which allows you easy access to your ski map without unzipping your jacket when you're on top of the mountain. Our range of men's salopettes and ski pants are available to match most of our jackets, with some neutral tone options. They are designed with an accommodating fit and a degree of waterproof and wind proofing.


Base Layer (thermals)


It is important to wear an effective base layer. These tight fitting garments not only have thermal properties to keep you warm, but also quickly wick away your perspiration and allow the moisture to evaporate, keeping you dry. Most base layers are made of synthetic fabrics which have wicking properties, but we also stock a range of natural Merino wool base layers which serve the same purpose. Male specific base layers offer the room and comfort for active sports.


Mid Layer


It is always a good idea to take a selection of fleece weights, so that you have options depending on the temperature out on the slopes that day. On sunny days later in the season a softshell jacket alone can suffice if you want a day without your ski jacket.




Nobody needs to be told how much heat can be lost through your head - so keep it covered! We have lots of styles you should be able to find one you like.




Next you'll need a good pair of waterproof gloves. Cold hands can act as a real damp squib so ensure that they are the right size, are waterproof and breathable and of a quality that will last. If you are snowboarding then make sure you have a pair that has tough material on the fingers, as this area of the glove will see a lot of action. If you can, take two pairs.




Make sure you do yourself a real favour and buy yourself some decent pairs of quality ski socks. Ordinary socks hold in the moisture and do not dry effectively. A sock designed for skiing will also be designed for comfort, warmth and stretch in the right places as you move. It is not advisable to wear more than one pair of socks at the same time. Make sure you have enough pairs for your holiday!