Within the Parallel and Parallel Extreme range, we have developed a multitude of cleverly designed features alongside carefully selected high performing fabrics and materials, to ensure you have the ultimate adventure on the slopes. To help you paint a clearer picture of what your ski and snowboarding clothing will offer, we’ve created a handy Parallel glossary which explains some key features and technical properties to give you a head start when choosing Parallel products this season.


Ski Goggles


Polarised Lenses - Reduces the glare from light reflected from the surface of the snow, whilst increasing contrast. This prevents your vision from being strained and impaired.


Double Lens - Create a thermal barrier to prevent condensation occurring.

Ventilated Frame - This is an additional feature which helps prevent fogging of the frame.


Anti fog treatment - A chemical coating on the lens is added that helps prevent steam from fogging up the lens.


Filter Category - The main purpose of sun glare filters is to protect the eyes from harmful solar radiation such as UV and enhance visual perception. All Parallel ski and snowboarding goggles will come with a filter category. We always recommend a minimum filter category of 3 to ensure your eyes are suitably protected on the slopes.


Ski Gloves

Adjustable Cuff - Allows you to tighten or loosen the glove for an improved fit, depending on the number of layers you wear.

Goggle Wipe - This is normally located on the outside thumb of the glove and is an area of extremely soft fabric that you can use to wipe your goggles.


Insulation - A double layer of fabric designed to provide extra warmth.

Nose Wipe - This is similar to the goggle wipe; it is an extremely soft area of fabric located on the outside of the thumb that can be used to conveniently wipe your nose.


Reinforced Thumb - Extra stitching and articulated design give you extra strength in the fabric on the thumb of the glove.


Self Heating Accessory - This is a sealed vent which allows warm air to be exhaled into the whole of the glove to make it toasty and warm.


Textured Palm & Fingers - This is a layer of rubber that is sewn to the outside of the glove on the palm and fingers to improve grip and reinforcement.


Waterproof - Waterproof fabric which repels water droplets and will keep your hands dry all day.


Windproof - Acts as a barrier against external winds whilst enabling body heat to escape.


Wrist Closure - Extra support and protection offered through a Velcro or draw cord closure, to protect your skin from the elements.


Headwear & Neckwear


Brushed Fleece - Deep-piled and soft, brushed fleece provides more air space between you and the garment, making it a warmer alternative to a regular fleece.


Windproof Membrane - Acts as a barrier against external winds whilst enabling body heat to escape.


Breathable - Allows water vapour to pass through, regulate your temperature and allow skin to breathe, thus preventing sweating or overheating.

Super Stretch - Fabric with extra stretch added (usually elastane or lycra) to allow for more movement and flexibility of the garment.


Antipill - A treatment is applied to the garment to prevent the formation of little balls on the fabric through general wear.