Womens specific skiwear is designed with female considerations in mind, so that your clothing fits well and looks good.




A womens jacket is designed with shorter arms and a more tailored fit for the female shape. Worn over a base and mid layer it is the outer of a three-layer system. To ensure you keep warm and dry you want to choose clothing which is waterproof, windproof and ideally breathable. To keep the wet out you should also look for covered or waterproof zips and cuffs which are fitted. You will find a wide range of designs and colours that are both fashionable and technical. A hood is a good addition to a jacket, protecting you from elements and a snow skirt will keep the snow out should you fall or stop in deeper snow. Youll also find features such as lift pass and mobile phone holders and IPOD pockets. Our ladies salopettes and ski pants are designed with a shorter inside leg and a snugger fit. Most of our jackets have matching salopettes or ski pants, so you can be fully coordinated as well as kited out in functional gear!


Base Layer (thermals)


Our female base layers are tapered under the chest and are shorter in the body and arms. These garments are designed to keep you dry by wicking away your perspiration and allowing the moisture to evaporate. You have the option of a synthetic material or higher quality and longer lasting Merino wool.


Mid Layers


Fleeces are available in a variety of weights for different weather conditions. A softshell can be worn on its own on a sunny day. Headwear You lose a huge amount of heat through your head so effective headwear is a must in the mountains.




Cold hands are the bane of any skier. Our female specific gloves are designed to be more fitted and stylish, whilst also offering a degree of waterproofing and breathability. It is worth investing in good quality gloves as they will keep your hands drier and warmer. When snowboarding, especially when learning, your hands spend a lot of time on the snow, so make sure that they are made of a tough material.




Our womens ski socks are designed with female sizes and fit in mind. Tube socks are great value and more than suitable if you take enough pairs for your whole trip. More technical socks will have different fabric thicknesses to protect your feet and ankles in the right places, whilst letting them stretch where necessary.