With a bag on your back, a map in hand, and boots on your feet, the world really is your oyster. So forget those all-in-one package holidays, rip up that itinerary, and just go wherever the wind blows! The days when backpacking and independent travel abroad were reserved for gap year students have long gone. With cheap flights and the Internet, the possibility to steer clear from the package crowds is now more accessible and more popular than ever. Travel Around The UK Of course, you don't have to fly to deepest, darkest Peru to go backpacking, when you have great wonders in your own back yard. The British Isles has some of the most beautiful countryside that one could ever ask for. With the Peak and Lake District never more than a few hours drive away, the untouched splendor of the Scottish Highlands, and the history and vastness of the Irish countryside, there is enough enjoyment to be had right at 'home'.