Whilst traveling is one of life's great pleasures, it can sometimes be a torturous affair. With flights to catch, kids to control, bags to pack, and changing itineraries and environments, the last thing you need to be worrying about is painful feet. Thankfully, with our special range of Travel Shoes you will left free to wander the world. Lightweight Travel Footwear The key factor when picking the right travel shoe is versatility. While comfort should be of primary concern, the shoe needs to be lightweight yet durable, breathable yet waterproof, both flexible and sturdy, in order to face the obstacles which the world will throw at it. Our range is large enough to cater for any destination. Be it sauntering down the streets of Barcelona or marching up the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, we have got your feet covered. Travel Shoe Tips If you plan to spend hours on your feet racking up the miles, a comfortable pair of shoes with good cushioning is recommended. If your idea of travel involves beaches and bars then a pair of light sandals would be more appropriate. Remember to take a pair of flip flops. Hostel showers/communal areas can be scary places at the best of times! You are buying for comfort and practicality. Many travel shoes look great but some might not be kind to your feet. Always choose substance over style.