When you're travelling, the importance of purchasing the right luggage is not to be underestimated. For those times when you're not backpacking, but are still on the go with all of your worldly possessions on your person, the quality, design and ease of use of your luggage is of paramount importance. Mountain Warehouse have compiled this handy guide to the different kinds of Holdalls and Travel Bags that we offer and what circumstances you might find them useful in; so all you'll need to think about is what travel clothing to stuff into it! We've even included some details about the other smaller travel goodies that we offer, just to make your life that little bit easier. Hold Alls We offer some fantastic hold alls, like our multi-purpose Active Holdall. This travel bag is ideal for a number of different activities - from transporting your tennis gear to the gym to accommodating your travel clothing and trekking sandals on a summer weekend city break, these bags are truly versatile. With a 65 Litre capacity, a shoulder strap and grab handles, it is durable and hard wearing, and can be a great alternative to a large travel rucksack if you don't want to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. A hold all like the Active Holdall would be ideal for those times when you need the capacity of one of our larger rucksacks, but still want the easy access and aesthetic appeal of a carry-bag. Travel Rucksacks For those times when you want the comfort and ease of movement that a rucksack can provide but don't require one of our larger travel rucksacks, a smaller backpack can be ideal. Our Walkabout 35 Daypack is a great choice for those shorter journeys that still require the capacity to store your essential goods. This daypack is just as suitable for a weekend away as it is for a hiking trip down the coast; with a comfortable Air Back system harness, a wide comfortable hip belt and plenty of storage space, it would be a great choice for those who want an easy way to transport their most important possessions. The Volt 30 rucksack would also be a good choice. Double Use Bags A travel rucksack like the Drifter rucksack is one of our most versatile designs; with a 60 Litre capacity, the main rucksack is ideal for transporting all those necessary goods on longer trips, but the mini 20 Litre rucksack that comes attached to it is perfect for when your stopping off for a city break and need just enough space for your guide book, food, water and wallet. Whilst the 60 Litre compartment is ideal for carrying all your travel clothing and camping equipment in, the smaller rucksack will prove a godsend when your aching shoulders have simply had enough! The Drifter rucksack also has a side carry handle for truly versatile use and a cushioned shoulder strap and internal divider are all features designed to make your life easier when you're on the go. Other Essentials Our Document Wallet is a handy addition to your travel arsenal; with a multitude of internal pockets and a comfortable fit on most belts, it is the best way to keep safe and secure whilst exploring the world. Use it in the streets of Paris, use it in the jungles of the Amazon; the Document Wallet is a versatile piece that will allow you to enjoy your journey with peace of mind. We also offer a fantastic Wash Bag that will slot easily into whichever travel rucksack or holdall you choose to take on your travels. Made of a deluxe, rip stop fabric and complete with an internal mirror, it is ideal for keeping all your toiletries in when you're on the move. Worried about muddy hiking boots or trekking sandals getting your other travel clothing or camping equipment dirty? Our Patterned Boot Bag is here to save the day; with a snazzy, colourful design, it is water resistant, hard wearing and durable and even better, folds flat for those times when you don't need it.