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We try to minimise our environmental impact for the benefit of our environment both locally and globally through our circular economy initiatives and waste management.

Circular economy

We have teamed up with Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children, who recycle and sell surplus and returned high street items in their stores across the UK. All profit made by Newlife supports its care services for children and their families in Britain, they provide specialist equipment for families in need, free nurse helpline in times of crisis, free Play Therapy Pod toy loans and fund vital medical research. So far 5055 cartons of product diverted from landfill and donated to Newlife.

All Mountain Warehouse UK and European stores donate unsellable products to Newlife, who resell and recycle the items. Any unsalvageable product is recycled for raw material reclamation. This safe revitalisation of products helps to ensure stock is diverted from landfill, often referred to as a closed loop. https://newlifecharity.co.uk

We have also partnered with reGAIN app helping you to turn your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories into discount vouchers, a little reward for helping us divert unwanted product from landfill. Download the APP now and start enjoying rewards for your unwanted stuff. https://regain-app.com/


We are redesigning all of our packaging and reducing or removing packaging where we can, whilst ensuring the product is not damaged during transit. In particular we are removing plastic and looking at more sustainable alternatives where it is not possible to remove packaging.

For example we have; shortened our care labels saving 8 tonnes of fabric, in 2020 we removed 450 miles of plastic used to attach our swing tags (replacing them with degradable linen string) and in 2020 we have reduced tissue paper from our packaging by 20 tonnes.


We are in the process of are phasing out the use of virgin plastic bags, we are replacing our Ecommerce bags with ones that are made from 90% recycled content (we are working toward 100% when durability allows) and in our stores we are replacing plastic carrier bags with ones that are made from 100% recycled content. These bags will also be recyclable at end of life. Our new carrier bags will save 196.5 tonnes of virgin plastic from entering the market.


Globally we partner with industrial waste contractors who help support our aim of zero waste to landfill.

In the UK we send zero waste to landfill, instead our recycling goes to industrial recycling facilities for a second lease of life. And our general non-recyclable waste is turned into energy to power UK homes (23% of renewable energy is created in this way). We also make a financial contribution annually to the government to support recycling facilities in the UK. To find out more about recycling in the UK visit https://www.recycle-more.co.uk/

Batteries & Electrical

UK households dispose of over 1.2 million tonnes of electrical and electronic waste every year and much of this electronic waste ends up in landfill sites where it is buried or incinerated causing harm to the environment and risk to the community. In January 2021 it became law that UK retailers are to take back used electrical items from customers when a customer buys a new electrical item from them. The Electricals Take Back scheme covers the recycling of 'like for like' products so they must be similar in type and/ or function to the item being purchased from us and have the same intended usage but they do not have to have been originally purchased from us or be the same brand as the new item being purchased.