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Top 5 Novelty Runs You Should Try

08.03.2013 | Activities

Running needn’t always be serious. Themed or costumed runs might not be purist runner’s cup of tea but are perfect if you are new to running as they are often very sociable and less competitive. Here are some of the best UK running events bringing a new meaning to fun run.

The Mighty Deerstalker Night Run


16th March 2013

Come Spring most runners are rejoicing the return of lighter evenings but Notorious Night Run prove that running in the pitch black can be alot of fun. The Mighty Deerstalker is the flagship Notorious Night Run event taking challengers on a torch lit 10k run through the grounds of Traquair House in Tweed Valley.

Runners negotiate tricky obstacles and should be prepared to get very wet and muddy! Fancy dress is part and parcel of the event with runners donning tweed and tartan for the duration. Visit the Notorious Night Runs website to find out more about the 10k night run and 5k daylight run.

Zombie Run UK

Oakhill Leisure, Swinderby, Lincoln

Saturday May 11th 2013

The 5k off road course takes you through the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside, not that you will notice this as you navigate obstacles whilst being chased by blood thirsty zombies. The Zombie Run is not for the faint hearted, the aim of the game is to make it to the finish line without losing any of your ‘life tags’ which the zombies will be aiming to snatch.

Make it to the end alive and you will be crowned the ultimate survivor and rewarded with a survivor t-shirt. Infected by the zombies? Enjoy the end of the world after party anyway. Find out more about the Zombie Run UK and register online.

Bare if you Dare

Tything Barn, Wales

Sunday 7th July 2013

Clothing is optional for the Bare if you Dare run at Tything Barn naturist site in Pembrokshire, with the majority of runners completing the 5k route in their birthday suits. Now in its 13th year, the popular 3 lap race sees top runners battling for trophies and prizes whilst others take part for charity or fun. You don’t have to be a naturalist to get involved either, first timers looking for something different are actively encouraged to join in and participants are not obliged to strip off. Find out more about the event at Running shoes not optional!

Backward Run

Heaton Park, Manchester

Sunday 11th August 2013

As a kid running backwards was always more fun than running forward and according to experts backward, or reverse, running has some great fitness benefits. Running one mile backwards is the equivalent of running six miles forwards!

If you fancy trying out something new and having fun at the same time sign up for the 4th UK Backward Run in Manchester. There are 3 challenges available this year for the 1 mile run around the scenic Heaton Park. For the more competitive the UK Backward Run challenges runners to be the first over the finish line to beat the course record. Want to run without the pressure? Run and raise money for charity in the Forever Manchester backward fun run. Don’t fancy doing it on your own? Bring your friends along and take part as a team.

Visit the Wacky Nation website to find out more about the event, the benefits or backwards running and how to register.

The Great Gorilla Run


Saturday 21st September 2013

As an adult you don’t get many excuses to wear fancy dress, take part in the Great Gorilla Run and you don’t need an excuse! All participants of the 7k run through London are required to don gorilla costumes (tutu or mankini optional). Rated as the second best running event by the Independent, the charity run raises money for the Gorilla Organisation which helps to save wild mountain gorillas in Africa. Runners are committed to raising a minimum of £400 in sponsorship but gorilla costumes are supplied free of charge (and you get to keep it!). Visit the Great Gorilla Run website to find out more and register for the event.