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MPs Debate on Safety of Cycling

23.02.2012 | Cycling News

Later on today, MPs will be holding a three-hour debate on the issue of cycle safety, with Prime Minister David Cameron already stating that he believed that those who cycle in Britain’s cities are aware that they were taking their lives into their hands.

The government has previously allocated £25 million to improve cycling initiatives all over the country, but Danny Wiliams, who runs the popular bike blog, Cyclists in the City, doesn’t think that’s enough, in relation to the entirety of the UK (given the numbers of cyclists in the UK).

The Cities fit for Cycling campaign, started by The Times after one of their journalists was hit by a lorry on the way to work, has already helped raise more awareness of the issue, with the PM publicly backing this issue. Yesterday, a flash ride took place in London, organised by The London Cycling Campaign, with over 1500 cyclists riding to Parliament, and another flash ride planned for the 28th April, a week before the Mayoral election.

The Times has published a special supplement on this debate and their cycle campaign today, and remember if you do cycle in a city, to take every precaution and make sure you wear visible and reflective clothing to be noticed by motorists on the road.