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The Adventures of Lex: Poldice Valley

18.11.2013 | Autumn Adventures

If you are a dog owner, you will know that regular exercise is not only a must for your pet, but can be very beneficial for you too. But where are the best places to go for dog walks to keep things exciting? Alex from our Falmouth store tells us about a walk favoured by her dog, Lexus, in their home county of Cornwall.

Poldice Valley is situated in St Day and an excellent example of Cornwall’s rich mining history. Developed in the 17th Century, Poldice mine was used to extract various metals such as tin, copper, arsenic and some minerals before finally becoming redundant in the 1930’s. poldice valley1

Since then, the ruins of the mines have been secured and tracks have been developed for walking and cycling. With beautiful scenery around you, it’s a great opportunity to explore the history left behind.  Much of the architecture is still in place and you are able to see various stacks, chimneys and streams which made up part of an area once described as ‘the richest square mile anywhere on earth’.

There are various paths set out which range from the flat and easy routes, to those which are on steep declines and a bit more difficult.  Those who enjoy dirt jumping and cycle rides will find a haven here, as jumps have been developed to make the track more fun.  Be warned however, if you are walking here, then you’ll need to keep an eye out for various vehicles. Bikes, motorbikes and quad bikes are all bought here on a regular basis so be careful when you are walking.

One thing that always strikes me when we are out on this walk is the silence. Bar the few bird calls you will hear, the area is generally very quiet and this can be very relaxing. The landscape itself is quite sparse, especially during the winter months. Much of the plant life is mosses and shrubs but these add to the vast beauty of it all.

poldice valley3This walking route is recommended for dogs, children and families- but remember to supervise your little ones.  This area does have ruins and there is always the potential for danger, so make sure you are vigilant.

One great thing about this walk is you can make it as long or as short you as you like and there are lots of different routes you can take. If you are after a long walk, then the track goes as far as Devoran and you can plan your route to visit all of nine or so mines which were once in operation here.

The only facilities you will  find in the area is a car park, so make sure you take your own drinks and always take your rubbish with you when you leave. I would also recommend a good pair of wellies or waterproof boots as the land can become quite wet and waterlogged.

Lex rating: 8/10 – great things to explore, lots of new sights and smells as well as water and puddles to charge in to and space to go charging off into.