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The adventures of Lex: Tehidy Woods

15.08.2013 | Dogwalking Blogs
Lex's adventure to Tehidy Woods!

Lex’s adventure to Tehidy Woods!

If you are a dog owner, you will know that regular exercise is not only a must for your pet, but can be very beneficial for you too. But where are the best places to go for dog walks to keep things exciting? Alex from our Falmouth store tells us about a walk favoured by her dog, Lexus, in their home county of Cornwall.

Into the Woods

If you go down to the woods today…..well, you may not find bears, but you will find lots of happy dogs roaming the 250 acres that make up Tehidy Country Park. Set in Portreath, Tehidy is owned and beautifully maintained by Cornwall Council. There are 3 different entrances to the park with several car parks and lots of space for you to enjoy the wildlife with your hairy companion.

Steeped in a deep and fascinating history, the woods were once owned by the powerful Basset family. Tehidy still boasts a large building where the original family home stood before it was made a hospital in 1918. Now it is privately owned, along with several other houses which make up a small, pleasant estate in the centre of some of the most stunning woodland in Cornwall.

Something for Everyone

Lex just taking a break!

Lex just taking a break!

The woods may just be one of my favourite places to go dog walking. Come rain or shine, the place is always beautiful and there is so much to explore. The council work very hard on the park, ensuring it stays healthy and accessible for all. There are gardens, flowers, amazing trees, a river and lake, tyre swings, access to a Portreath beach, toilets, a café, a golf course…the list is endless. It is a spectacular place which has something for everyone and you can be there for as little as an hour on a basic walk or you can spend a whole day enjoying all that the woods have to offer.

Consider this…

Do be aware however, when you visit the woods unfortunately not all areas are dog friendly. Some areas of Tehidy woods are reserved  for wildlife such as squirrels, various wild birds and free roaming chickens. Therefore, these areas do not permit dogs. The woods has been split into colour coded walking and cycle paths and there are signs guiding you on suitable routes.

A Sense of Mystery

One thing about Cornwall is that there are always a lot of old stories and legends everywhere you go; many involving ghosts. Tehidy is no exception to this and there are claims about various hauntings over the years, such as horsemen and the lost souls of those who lived their last days at the hospital!

This has however, added to the many events which are held in the woods, as some people have taken to showing scary movies in the woods and if you attend, you will be allowed to take along your pooch to hind behind should you get scared! There are also regular showings of plays, orienteering, barbeques, camping facilities available and much more. Always check beforehand about permission for your pet.

For more info on Tehidy Country Park visit-

Lex rating: 9/10 – You can spend hours in Tehidy Country Park getting lost, getting dirty and getting closer to nature!

Suggested kitlist:

Wellies – In the woods, there are often sneaky puddles to get you muddy

Pakka jackets – not many places to hide in the woods so be sure to be prepared in case you get caught in a shower!

Dog bag rolls – There aren’t bins throughout the entire park but always make sure you pick up after your dog.

Water bottle and collapsible bowl – always take a drink with you and a collapsible bowl is a great way to give your dog a drink