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The Adventures of Lex: Tuckingmill Valley Park

10.10.2013 | Autumn Adventures

If you are a dog owner, you will know that regular exercise is not only a must for your pet, but can be very beneficial for you too. But where are the best places to go for dog walks to keep things exciting? Alex from our Falmouth store tells us about a walk favoured by her dog, Lexus, in their home county of Cornwall.Lex at Tuckingmill Valley Park

Many years ago Camborne was the centre of Cornwall’s mining industry. Today that industry has largely disappeared but there are still remnants of the history left behind; rivers, stacks and mine shafts can be found across the Cornish countryside.

Tuckingmill Valley Park is nestled on the outskirts of Camborne and has been developed by Cornwall Council from an old land site. The park encompasses the greatest aspects of Cornwall- rich mining history and amazing, beautiful countryside. The park consists of woods, grass and paths mixed with left over pieces from the land site which provide a stark reminder of Camborne’s mining past.

Through the centre of the park runs the ‘Red River’. The bright red colouration, which is caused by the levels of copper and other minerals left behind from previous mining activities, is where it gets its name. There are also two chimney stacks remaining in the area which tower high above the park below.

The site is well looked after; the paths are visible and easy to access and the grass is mowed to ensure it does not over-grow in certain areas. Everything is clean and tidy with bins sporadically placed along the way. There is actually a group of volunteers who are dedicated to looking after the area and meet regularly to clear the place up and complete various conservations tasks. In fact, the place is so well looked after that it has won a Green Flag award for Innovation. Lex the dog

Another great aspect of the park is that there are communal areas too; a very large playing field, a children’s park and a skate park which adds to the community atmosphere.

The park is excellent for birders too; there are a wide range of birds in the area with signs along the way to help you to identify the species you might come across.  And it’s not just feathered friends, but there’s a wide variety of mammals, insects and interesting plants species too.

There are also mini-projects which have been put in to attract further wildlife. There is an insect stack in the woods which provided a lot of interesting hunting to see if anyone had moved in. But remember, if you want to get up close and personal with the nature here, be careful not to disturb anything.

There is only one major downfall to this walk and that is that there is an extremely busy road close by and this can be very noisy, which takes away a little of the tranquillity. If it weren’t for this, all you would hear would be the sounds of birds and the flowing of the river and that would make the experience much more pleasant and relaxing.

Lex rating: 8/10 – this is a great walk; it’s clean, interesting, diverse and has all the things that Lex adores; woods, grass, water and lots of different sights and smells. This walk would have scored higher if it weren’t for the noisy road disturbance.