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The adventures of Lex: Pendennis Castle

11.07.2013 | Dogwalking Blogs
Lex at Pendennis Castle

Lex’s adventure at Pendennis Castle!

If you are a dog owner, you will know that regular exercise is not only a must for your pet, but can be very beneficial for you too. But where are the best places to go for dog walks to keep things exciting? Alex from our Falmouth store tells us about another walk favoured by her dog, Lexus, in their home county of Cornwall.

Historic Setting

At the mouth of the Fal Estuary stands Pendennis Castle; a 600 year old fort which once defended the Carrick Roads against invaders. These days this beautiful Tudor building, which is now owned by the English Heritage, attracts thousands of visitors every year and with them, come the walkers.

A Dog’s Life

Pendennis Castle is a great walk for dogs; not only do the grounds have some interesting paths, but there is also a large field which is perfect for chasing balls, Frisbees and the occasional rabbit which has taken up residency.

The grounds are open 24/7 and the castle itself is open daily from 10am till 5pm. Dogs are allowed inside the castle, provided they are kept on leads. There’s also a free car park situated in the grounds which is well equipped with doggy bins, and inside the castle, water bowls are provided.

Local Wildlife

If you’re a nature lover, then this could be a great outing for you as there are often animals to spot in and around the grounds. Once, Lexi even discovered a happy cockerel enjoying a feather groom up a nearby tree! The only issue with this wildlife activity is that the rabbits dig holes in the field, so be careful where you and your pet are stepping to avoid accidents.

I’m sure Henry VIII didn’t expect when he had this castle constructed in 1539 that it would become a haunting ground for so many happy pooches. In fact, this is such a popular walk that at any time of the day you are bound to bump into several other dog walkers. So if your pet is a social creature, this is another great walk for meeting new friends.

Creepy Goings On

And talking of hauntings, one exciting addition about this walk is that the castle and its grounds are reputed to come with a creepy bonus – ghosties! There have been many tales over the years of ghostly battles, lonesome wounded soldiers and even a half-goat, half-man creature with red eyes roaming in the field, so if you are easily spooked, don’t go walking alone!

Lex rating: 7/10 – This walk has lots of different routes to explore, wild animals to mystify and a little historical education if you want it.

Suggested kitlist:

Explorer Reflective Throw & Chew Bone – for playing fetch in the field

Decent waterproof walking boots – to aid against the elements

Waterproof jackets or umbrella – as there are not many places to shelter if the rain comes in!