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The adventures of Lex: Swanpool Beach to Maenporth

19.06.2013 | Dogwalking Blogs

If you are a dog owner, you will know that regular exercise is not only a must for your pet, but can be very beneficial for you too. But where are the best places to go for dog walks to keep things exciting? Alex from our Falmouth store tells us about a walk favoured by her dog, Lexus, in their home county of Cornwall.

Lex the dog on a walk

Lex the dog enjoys a sunny walk from Swanpool Beach to Maenporth!

Stunning Views

Here in Cornwall, some of the walks are utterly breath-taking and can provide a safe and exciting jaunt for you and your dog. This 3 mile long path, which connects two amazing beaches, is on the cliff front of the Falmouth coastline. It boasts spectacular views of the sea, as well as stunning flora and fauna to accompany you along the way. With meadows and a beautifully kept PGA golf course to one side, the route is pretty well sheltered from the wind and on a sunny day. The path is well-loved by locals and visitors alike and your dog is sure to meet some great new friends along the way!

Wildlife Spotting

The best thing about this walk is that you get some incredible views, especially on a clear day. The last time Lex was enjoying a jaunt along this stretch, we stopped after noticing a commotion on the surface of the water, just out to sea. Seconds later, a large pod of dolphins was visible jumping in and out of the water. Many people have been fortunate to spot dolphins, basking sharks and seals in this area, so keep your eyes peeled!

Beach Rules

View of Famlmouth coastline

Stunning day on the Coast at Falmouth!

There is one downfall to this walk however; due to the high level of people who flock to the South West during the warmer months, both Maenporth and Swanpool beach restrict dog access between Easter day and October 1st. The path itself is still open to dog walkers all year round, however dogs are not allowed on the main beaches. If you still want to walk the path and let your mutt frolic in the sea (I know Lex would never forgive us if we didn’t let him go for a swim!) there are paths throughout the coastal walk which lead down to some small beaches which are not restricted. These paths are unofficial however and only marked by gaps in the long grasses which have been trodden down over years of use and I would advise caution if you choose to use them.

Lex rating: 8/10 – the path has everything, easy access, great views, lots of other dogs and the sea! What more could your furry friend want?

Suggested kitlist:

Bottle for water (flask for tea if it’s chillier!)
Quick drying towel in case you or your pet decide to take a dip
Binoculars to investigate what exactly that mystery shape out to sea really is!
Cool bag and a picnic set if you want to take your own grub!