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How to Ensure Luggage is Secure

29.10.2013 | Travel Hints & Tips

LuggageWhether you are travelling the globe, taking a summer holiday or going skiing, keeping your luggage secure can make the difference between a holiday to remember and one to forget. Losing items from your luggage, or even the entire bag, can ruin a trip. Here’s how to protect your belongings from rough handling, minimise the chance of theft or loss and help you easily identify your bag.

  • Do not over pack your case or bag. Strained zips and buckles are more prone to coming undone or breaking.
  • Use a luggage strap around your bag or case. These are useful for holding your bag together should it come undone in transit as well as making it easier to identify your bags in the airport.
  • Remove old destination tags from your bag, they can confuse time pressured baggage handlers. You don’t want your bag going on the wrong plane!
  • A lock is essential for not only ensuring your luggage does not open in transit but for protecting your luggage from being opened by unauthorised people. A TSA approved travel padlock will keep your case secure but allow airport security to open, inspect and relock your luggage if required. With a combination padlock you can set your own combination and there are no keys to lose! Fasten all compartments of your rucksack, holdall or suitcase with a lock. If you have a rucksack with a separate daypack make sure you secure this to your main bag.
  • Attach a name tag or card to the outside and inside of your luggage so you and others can easily identify your bags.
  • Do not put valuables in your checked bag. Take money, jewellery, bank cards, laptops and cameras in your hand luggage.