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How to Choose Ski Pants & Ski Trousers

How to Choose Ski Pants & Ski Trousers

04.09.2018 | Expert Advice

Ski Pants and Ski Trousers are all names used to describe clothing which will help keep your legs warm and dry on the slopes. Whether you are a first time skier or a regular on the piste it is important that you wear ski pants, rather than regular trousers or jeans.


How to Choose Ski Pants

When choosing ski pants there are a number of factors to consider that will ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment. These include the conditions you’ll be facing, your experience level, what you need to carry and how you want your ski pants to look. You also need to decide your budget and think about how often you plan to ski in the future. Ski pants are available in a range of different styles, waterproof ratings and prices so you can choose the right pair for you.


1. Types of Ski Pants
2. Waterproof Ratings
3. Important Features

1. Types of Ski Pants

Ski pants can be made of many different types of fabric that affect the look, feel and often the waterproofness of the trousers. The type of skiing you will be doing will effect what ski pants will be most suitable.


Insulated Ski Pants

Insulated ski pants consist of a waterproof “shell” outer layer with an inner insulated layer. The level of insulation will vary between different ski pants.


Softshell Ski Pants

Softshell ski pants are made from a soft woven fabric, in contrast to hardshell ski pants that will ‘rustle’ more.

Softshell ski pants will offer a greater freedom of movement and are highly breathable. For these reasons they are well suited if you are particularly energetic on the slopes. They are also more suited if conditions are likely to be relatively dry.


2. Waterproofing

For a pair of ski pants to be considered waterproof they need to have a hydrostatic head rating of at least 1500mm. The waterproofness of ski pants is measured using a hydrostatic head test. In this test fabric is pulled tight under a sealed tube of water, which is then absorbed over a period of time to determine how many millimeters of water the fabric can withstand before it seeps through.


Waterproof Ratings (mm) Mountain Warehouse Pant Examples:
2000 Dusk (Mens)

Moon (Women’s)


Gravity (Mens)

Sub Zero (Womens)


Orbit 4 Way Stretch (Mens)

Isola Womens Extreme (Womens)


3. Important Ski Pant Features

When choosing your Ski pants, look out for these features which can help improve your comfort and enhance your enjoyment.


Leg Gaiter

Leg gaiters help to keep snow from entering up your ski pant opening, keeping your feet and legs dry


Zipped Pockets

Zipped pockets will allow you to keep anything you need to carry secure on the slopes.

Dusk Mens Ski Pants

Dusk Men’s


Moon Womens Ski Pants

Moon Women’s


These Pants include the above features

Stretch Fabric

Maximises mobility and freedom of movement.


Waist Adjusters

Waist adjusters will allow you to ensure your ski pants fit perfectly.


Thigh Venting

Mesh lined venting allows for adjustable temperature control and ventilation.


Anti-Abrasive Reinforcement

The hem of the pant will be reinforced with anti-abrasive material to increase durability and to limit wear and tear from friction.

Gravity Men's Ski Pants

Gravity Men’s


Sub Zero Women's Ski Pants

Sub Zero Women’s


These Pants include all of the above features

Recco Rescue Reflectors

The Recco system is an advanced rescue technology that helps rescuers search for and pinpoint skiers and snowboarders should they get caught in an avalanche. Reflectors fitted to the inside or outside of ski pants are designed to reflect back the high frequency signal of a Recco detector.


10,000mm Waterproof

10,000mm rated ski pants will offer the highest level of waterproofing, to help you stay dry on the slopes.

Orbit Men's Ski Pants

Orbit Men’s


Isola Women's Ski Pants

Isola Women’s


These Pants include all of the above features

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