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Surfing in the UK

08.03.2012 | Hints & Tips

When thinking of surfing – the Beach Boys, Keanu Reeves, sunny skies and palm trees spring to mind, but you’d be surprised that some of the best surfing can also be found on your doorstep right here in the UK. With the surf season running from this month until mid-November, there’s plenty of opportunity to take advantage of surfing in the UK.

One of the most well known places to surf is the Cornish coast, specifically Newquay, which is known as the surf capital of the UK. Popular beaches to surf in Newquay are Fistral Beach, Tolcarne, and Lusty Glaze. If you’re interested in trying out surfing Newquay’s surfing schools have a top reputation as well as holding surfing events all year around.

If you’re more of a seasoned surfer Newquay isn’t your only option. Thurso East on the north coast of Scotland is deemed one of the best surf spots in Europe, with world class waves. Unlike Newquay local surfers reign supreme in Thurso East, which has also hosted many international competitions including the O’Neill Cold Water Classic.

In the height of summer, even when the sun is beating down on the beach, the surf will not be warm. Insulate yourself from the cold by wearing a wetsuit, and have a fleece and base layers packed with to put on when you get out of the water to prevent a chill. Kids love surfing and boogie boarding, and you make sure they’re protected from the sun’s rays when running in and out of the water in a rash suit with UV protection, as well as sunglasses for the whole family. Look for 100% UV protection as well as Filter Category 3 lenses, which are mirrored on the outside and dark on the inside to offer maximum protection from UV rays