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Tips for Taking on Mont Blanc

13.08.2013 | Hints & Tips

Taking on Mont Blanc is no easy task. Matt-Ryan and his team, from our Weston-Super-Mare store recently accomplished the challenge for Weston Hospice Care Charity, and here are his Mont Blanc Top Tips!


  • Make an advanced reservation in the refuges huts online before leaving home, double then triple check the reservation, as the refuge huts are very strict.
  • Train hard, then train some more! Your trip will be made so much more enjoyable if your fully prepared.
  • Take an insulated tube kit for your hydration bag, as it WILL freeze at the high altitude. Your hydration bag is one of your most important pieces of kit. You’ll need to be sipping water every 15mins.
  • Warm socks and feet warmers are a huge benefit when your walking in the snow all day, make sure to keep your feet warm or you risk frost bite. And make sure you take spares!
  • Make sure you take plenty of sun cream and apply often Above the cloud line there is no protection from the sun, with the cold wind coming towards you you’ll feel cool, but you’ll still be burning, reapply every chance you get.
  • Sometimes the decision to turn back can be the hardest, but the most sensible! Don’t put yourself or others at risk. Make a team decision and stick to it! It may save your life, as well as others.

If you’ve taken on Mont Blanc, or any other Mountain Challenges, leave a comment on your top tips!

The Mont Blanc Challengers!

The Mont Blanc Challengers!