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David Hockney: Showcasing Yorkshire’s Wolds

02.03.2012 | News

David Hockney is one the world’s greatest living artists and his latest show “David Hockney: A Bigger Picture” at The Royal Academy of Arts, London is a celebration of Hockney’s return to his roots. You may be more familiar with his work on Los Angeles, but for several years he has been living in working in Bridlington and painting East Yorkshire and the Wolds. A Bigger Picture comprises of 150 of his works, the majority inspired by East Yorkshire and from the last few years, showcases and highlights the natural beauty of the Yorkshire countryside.

The Yorkshire Wolds are one of the lesser known parts of Yorkshire, and is distinguished by its chalk landscape, hidden dry valleys and sweeping views. The Yorkshire Wolds is listed as a national trail and boasts 79 miles of unbroken landscape.

Other areas that have immortalised in Hockney’s paintings are the Salt Mills, a restored Victorian textile mill that has the world’s largest permanent collection of Hockney’s work and Woldgate.

Walk the Wolds has suggested hikes for the Yorkshire Wolds area, from easy 2 mile coastal walks around the Flamborough Lighthouse, in Bridlington, current home of David Hockney, to the 13 mile Hornsea Hike, a recreational green corridor, to the challenging Walk Up Cheese Cake Wold.

Hockney hopes with A Bigger Picture that many more people discover the natural beauty and splendour and visit the Yorkshire Wolds – and Welcome to Yorkshire has curated a Hockney selection of sites to visit which have been referenced in his work.