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Snow Festival to Boost Tourism in Kashmir

21.02.2012 | News

To boost tourism in the town of Pahalgam in Kashmir, the Indian Army arranged a two day snow festival to promote Pahalgam as a global winter tourism destination. The town of Pahalgam is known as a “hill station” meaning the town is located on top of a higher elevation, such as a hill, as opposed to the surrounding valley or plain. This means that during the summer it is much cooler, not to mention being known for some of the most breath-taking natural views in India.

The festival brought tourists and pilgrims alike, as the town of Pahalgam is also the entry point to the Armanath Cave, which is a famous religious site. The Pahalgam Snow Festival celebrated the heavy snowfall in the valley, and also has a burgeoning winter sport scene. The Indian tourism board is interested in developing Pahalgam as an up and coming winter tourist destination. At present basic skiing is available, and sledging and tobogganing are very popular with locals and tourists.

Going to a smaller winter destination is a great way to have a more low-key break, as well as being able to explore somewhere completely different from the more popular winter resorts. However, it is best to remember that winter sport amenities in up and coming destinations will not be fully developed and may not have all the safety precautions in place for skiing and snowboarding. However a resort like Pahalgam still has a lot to offer while it gets onto its skiing feet.