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Staff Review: Achill Waterproof Jacket

04.10.2013 | Autumn Adventures

After a very dry summer, Kirsty from the Guiseley store finally gets the chance to test out the Achill women’s waterproof jacket in the rain.

I was very excited about having a new waterproof jacket to take to the Mourne Mountains in Belfast for my family holiday/honeymoon. I was sure it would be put to good use! However, instead of rain, we somehow managed to get seven whole days of clear skies and 23 degree heat.Womens Achill Waterproof Jacket

The next attempt to put the jacket to the test was again thwarted by the lack of rain! The first drop of rain I finally saw was just before I set off to work one day. With the promise of being able to pack the jacket away in its pocket, I was no longer bothered by the fact that if the rain decided to disappear (which it often does with our ever changing weather) I would have to trail a big jacket around with me. Instead I was able to fit it easily into my bag!

When I first came across the Achill, I admit I was a bit sceptical as it doesn’t feel as substantial as I thought it would be considering the specification (waterproof 5000 and breathable 5000). However, any scepticism I had was well and truly banished after arriving at work completely dry (well from head to hips – I may also need to invest in some of our downpour trousers!).

My walk to work isn’t comparable to climbing a mountain, though it is long enough to work up a bit of a sweat! So, I am always on the lookout for a jacket that protects me from the rain, yet doesn’t let me get too warm. This is where the best EVER invention comes into action! ARM PIT VENTS! Why do all jackets not have them?! As a woman, I don’t particularly like to admit that I sweat, however, for the sake of this review (and for the awareness of other ladies who can’t really pull off the sweat patch look!) I highly recommend this jacket. The vents are discreet so no one will ever know I’m getting a little bit extra help with my ventilation, and my feminism is still intact!

At almost six feet, I often find it difficult to find a mid-length jacket, but this is a perfect length. I no longer have to do a half-hearted wave at a friend across the road whilst holding onto the bottom of my jacket for dear life! As a result, I have offended a lot less people with my midriff and pathetic greetings!

Achill Jacket- BerryAnother feature I found very beneficial was the adjustable hood. As much as I like the great outdoors, I do spend a little time on my appearance. If you ever are lucky enough to meet me at the top of a mountain (now without the added sweat patches) you may also notice that my hair and make – up are still intact. I normally find that unless I hold onto my hood, it blows back and my perfectly straightened hair is left to battle with the elements. With this hood, I am able to keep my hair, and quite a bit of my face covered up. So when I arrived at work, I didn’t look in the mirror and think, ‘What was the point in waking up early to do my hair?!’ Instead, I felt like I had finally beaten the elements. From that day on, the Achill became the most essential item in my wardrobe!

I would highly recommend this jacket as it has proved itself in a number of situations and circumstances. My friend has recently come home from Tanzania for 3 months and she had bought an Achill to take with her. She was very happy with the way it stood up to some very extreme weather. So for these reasons I would happily recommend the Achill to anyone looking for a new practical waterproof!