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Staff Review: Adrenaline Bike Shorts

15.08.2013 | Reviews

Matthew from our Yeovil store tests the Men’s Adrenaline Bike Shorts on a 7.5 mile ride and finds out exactly what the padding is for!

Riding Well:

I decided to start cycling as a way to keep fit and didn’t have anything to wear so I thought I’d try the Adrenaline Men’s Bike Shorts. I recently wore them on a 7.5 mile cycling route and they were brilliant; extraordinarily comfortable!

Adrenaline Bike Shorts

Adrenaline Bike Shorts

Feeling Good:

I really like the tight-fitting style of them as they gave just the right support for me. The only downfall for me was the padding in the crotch area wasn’t as comfy when walking. If you plan on walking as well as cycling I’d recommend bringing a pair of non-padded shorts with you too.

Getting a Grip:

The rubber grip they have on the hem is brilliant as I was going over different inclines so it stopped the shorts moving up and around while cycling. The style looked great, although when venturing out in them I did wear trousers over the top just because the weather didn’t look like it would hold out.

From the Side

From the Side

Highly Recommended:

I would definitely recommend these shorts to anyone who is thinking of taking up cycling because they work wonders! They not only look and feel great, they also help with that dreadful saddle sore that you can get with other cycling shorts, or even cycling without shorts.