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Staff Review: Endurance Long Sleeve

15.08.2013 | Reviews

Matthew from our Yeovil store tests our Endurance Long Sleeve Technical Tee, and puts it through it’s paces…


I have been using this Men’s Endurance Long Sleeve with my running along with the occasional use with my cycling shorts on the bike. It is brilliant and comes in a choice of colours so if you have a hard time trying to make choices like me then you might find it easier to find a colour that suits you.

Endurance Long Sleeve


Also I have used this top for my dance classes that I do in my spare time away from the company. I know that it isn’t its intended use but I found it to be ideal top wise. The isocool quality of the shirt is a fantastic feature as it Endurance Isocoolhelps wick sweat away from the body quickly and kept me feeling cool and comfortable.

Also the UV protection within the shirt is another great feature, because if you’re like me and catch the sun easily you should find it better with this shirt. As while wearing this and going for nice long cycles I found I didn’t catch the sun as badly as I did when I was wearing a different shirt.

Always Useful:

The lightweight aspect of the top is brilliant I can put it in my bag and carry it with me to various places, if I’m travelling, which I like because I can be busy at times and don’t want to be carrying around a big heavy bag.


I’d recommend this shirt to anyone who likes or would like to be a bit more active, as it is a fantastic piece of clothing and it washes well and as I have found it dries quickly too in-case you be having a busy day.