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Staff Review: Force Running Jacket & Miler Running Short

15.08.2013 | Reviews

Rob from our Falmouth store puts our Force Running Jacket and Miler Running Short through their paces.

Living in a seaside town means that on runs there is often a lot of exposure to wind, rain and mist. This makes Falmouth the perfect location to try out some of Mountain Warehouse’s running gear.

Miler Running Short

Miler running short

Miler Running Short

The fit is true to size and there is not much excess material which means they don’t create lots of noise when running. The length is also ideal- not too short but not too long, which can be restricting.

In terms of features, they have some reflective branding which is useful in the dark however it is quite small. There is a single pocket and as I only take a key out on a run with me it was all that I needed.

They are very lightweight which at first was slightly off-putting as it felt as though you were hardly wearing anything! As time went by though the benefits became clear. They don’t feel very heavy at all when running in the rain and are also extremely quick drying. After returning from a 40 minute run in the rain, it barely took them any time for them to dry out. They are also really well ventilated making them perfect for summer. However, for the colder months it is likely that most runners will want another layer.

Rating: 5/5

Force Running Jacket

Force Mens Jacket

Force Mens Jacket

The high vis Force Running Jacket is extremely useful for night runs as you can be seen from a mile off. It also has reflective piping which increases its visibility further still. It has two hip pockets which are useful for a key. I am not sure what else you could keep in the pockets as they are not fully waterproof and something like a phone could get wet in the rain.

In fact, this is where the jacket falls down- water repellency. Water will tend to get through unless you are on a very quick run or it is raining very lightly. I was running in consistent Cornish drizzle for 40 minutes and it definitely got through to the top underneath. That being said, the jacket only claims to be showerproof and as such is not to be expected to be that effective in heavy rain.

Where the jacket does excel is in its wind protection. My run took me along the coastal path on a day with quite a strong wind coming off of the sea. Despite this, I stayed warm throughout and did not seem to feel any wind penetrating through the jacket. That being said the jacket is breathable. However as someone who usually runs in a t-shirt and shorts all year round, I found it was slightly too warm for me and I had to unzip it. All in all though it is a really good wind-proof layer and great for times of low visibility.

Rating: 3.5/5