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Staff Review: Goshawk 35L Rucksack

12.08.2013 | Staff Reviews

Samuel from our Epsom store, gives us the low down on our Mountain Warehouse Goshawk 35ltr rucksack.

I love cycling. I love passing traffic on my way to work, thinking that person in their old Honda civic may have a top speed of 100 mph, but right now, he’s stuck behind a pensioner in a people carrier, his AC is broken and there’s road works. I glide by him, the wind in my hair, the sun shining and I’ll probably still get to work before him. I love cycling on dirt paths too, winding through forests, listening to the woodpeckers you never see, or watching the parakeets near where I live swoop down low over the ground.

Tips for on the go:

As I’ve been cycling for well over a decade, I’ve learnt a few things. Always have a puncture repair kit, always leave ahead of time and that in england, it will probably rain. So I (almost) always have my waterproofs with me, top and bottoms. My shorts and most of my trousers have a lot of pockets, but I just don’t want to carry my phone, wallet, keys, puncture repair kit, a book, waterproof jacket and trousers in my trousers. Even with a belt, when I get to my destination, my trousers would just fall down. So I guess that means I need a rucksack.

The Goshawk 35litre Rucksack:


The Goshawk 35litre

This is the Goshawk 35 litre rucksack made by Mountain Warehouse. I use it every week to go to work, for cycling around parks and to go hiking. It has two main compartments, one slightly larger than the other, the smaller one having an array of smaller pockets inside, pretty much the norm for a zip opening bag of this kind. Right at the top, near the strap is a smaller pocket, ideal for my puncture repair kit or a first aid kit. It also has a tensioned mesh back to increase breath-ability. I’m writing this in the middle of July so recently I’ve been really enjoying this feature. The mesh is a rubbery plastic though and I think a textile mesh would be much better.

The Details:

Black Goshawk

Black Goshawk

On the back is a set of straps, that come with hiking pole holders, but to which I could easily attach webbing or karabiners to. It comes with waist and chest straps which reduces movement of the rucksack. This keeps your centre of gravity stable (very useful for climbing, cycling and running) and also reduces rubbing of the straps. Unfortunately the waist strap is not height adjustable, meaning it is slightly higher on my waist than it should be (I stand a little over 6 foot). Ideally it needs a travel of maybe three inches to suit both shorter and taller users but the padding around it makes it perfectly comfortable and unless I’m carrying a huge amount of weight, it’s not a problem at all.

The bag comes with all the features necessary to insert a hydration system too. And the waist and chest straps have a few little features that would allow you to attach your keys or a small water bottle or a compass.

Sam’s Thought’s:

I’ve had this bag for several months now and I am yet to see anything fraying or loosening on it, and I use it every week. In a perfect world I would want a few changes, high vis straps on the back maybe, change the mesh and the waist strap but nothing major. This is a brilliant bag for a whole range of activities. It’s versatility makes it good for climbers, hikers, cyclists, runners or just hand luggage if you’re off to Spain. It’s strong and well made and surprisingly lightweight when you consider the tensioned back system. I love how tight to your body you can make it, perfect for cross country running. Any chance of an identical top loading one?

Sam rucksack

Sam and his Goshawk Rucksack