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Staff Review: Impact Running Sneakers

15.08.2013 | Reviews

Matthew from our Yeovil store, has a run with our Impact Running Sneakers. See what he has to say…

First off, all I can say is that the Impact Running Sneakers are great! The colour of them is great and bright, and they perform really well.

Impact Running Sneaker

Impact Running Sneaker


I have been using them for running on the pavement around where I live. With this the impact cushioning has been of a great help as before the trainers I have been using didn’t give this support like this, therefore would case my aggravation after about twenty minutes, whereas with these trainers I can do a good steady run for thirty/forty minutes and be comfortable.

I haven’t been able to try these shoes on a different terrain as of yet so my comments are only based on what they are like on concrete. But judging with what they are like on the concrete I can imagine they would be suitable for any terrain.

Not quite waterproof:

A downfall of them is that they haven’t stated that they are waterproof so when it comes to jogging or running in the rain then I’m afraid I’m not too sure if I should wear them out, maybe if I proofed them first I might make them water resistant so maybe that’s a plus.

Easy breathing:

One of the great features of the sneakers is that they are breathable. I know that if I had planned a big run that I can gladly start the run and finish it with the knowledge my feet would be saved fromĀ odour, I know not completely but hey no one likes overpowering smelly feet do they? I know I don’t.


Impact Sneaker

Impact Sole

Definitely would recommend these sneakers to anyone who needs or requires a pair for when they go running. And already a good friend of mine is looking into purchasing a pair of his own.

So a big thumbs up from me and a 10/10