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Staff Review: Kid’s Gretel Waterproof Jacket

02.10.2013 | Autumn Adventures

Kirsty from our Guiseley store has her daughter put the Gretel Kid’s Waterproof Jacket through the mud test, see how it fared…

After two months of sun and dry weather, the rain finally came and my two-year-old daughter, Elsie-May, was able to test out her new ‘ladybird’ coat. It’s a nice change to be able to get a child’s coat that is both practical and has a pretty design!

Elsie-May in her Gretel jacket

Elsie-May in her ‘ladybird’ jacket

It is normally a struggle to get Elsie-May to willingly put on her ‘boring’ waterproof coat; it often turns into a long, intense stand-off between a stubborn mother and daughter. So it was a pleasant surprise when she had a smile on her face and was actually eager to put her coat on when the rain arrived! The Gretel waterproof jacket definitely seems to pass the fussy two-year-old test… in my eyes, when a child is willing to put a coat on, it must be a success!

On her first outing as a ladybird, we set off on a long (very muddy) walk to collect pebbles, pine cones and anything else deemed muddy enough to put in her lovely clean coat pockets!

Gretel Kid's Waterproof Jacket

I then put the coat to the parent test! It has some great features, like the fleece lining which is a bonus. As it isn’t as bulky as a jacket with a ‘zip-out’ fleece it doesn’t restrict Elsie-May’s movement. Another benefit is the detachable hood, so we can zip it off and she can stay warm when there’s a bit of a chill but no rain. The hood is also big enough to keep her dry, but still allows her to see all the twigs that she likes to put in her handy pockets – which are big enough for my hand to fit in and retrieve any treasures Elsie-May has found. This is useful as my washing machine will no longer be clogged up with tiny pebbles!

After our adventure, the coat inevitably was in need of a good wash. This was the ultimate test for me, as I have a love/hate relationship with my washing machine. It has often shrunk/stretched/faded many of our clothes – and, yes, I do read the instructions first! To my great pleasure, the coat washed and dried incredibly well, and Elsie-May wasn’t subjected to looking like a faded little ladybird on our next adventure!