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Staff Review: Flash Convertible Jacket

24.07.2013 | Staff Reviews

Jon from our York store is a convert to the Men’s Flash Convertible Jacket, read on to find out why…

Mountain Warehouse Flash Convertible Jacket in use

Jon from our York store enjoys a cycle in the Flash Convertible Jacket- he certainly won’t be missed!

I commute to work 4 days a week by bike. I’ve been using a light hi-viz jacket for years and recently bought the Adrenaline jacket for winter use. When the new Flash Convertible jacket arrived in the shop, I was sceptical. It looked and felt nice, but I couldn’t see the point of removable sleeves. So I got one to try out and after a few weeks I’m also converted.

Convertible Sleeves

In the summer, it’s still chilly in the morning, so I’ve worn the jacket to work with the sleeves on. But by afternoon it’s warmed up, so going home, I take the sleeves off for a more comfortable trip.

Wearing the vest keeps the wind off my chest and keeps me more visible to walkers and drivers. With the open mesh on the back, and the sleeves off, it’s much cooler than my previous jacket. That’s what converted me. Until I started using it without the sleeves, I didn’t see the point of the jacket being convertible. Now I do use it without the sleeves, it makes sense.

Removing the sleeves section is a doddle. Putting it back is easy too, and I can do that with the vest on. The zips on the sleeve fronts are very good and there’s no wind whistling through. It would help if it was more obvious which was the left and right sleeve though. And where do you put the sleeves after removing them? Into the pocket on the back of the vest and then zip it closed, of course.

Comfort is Key

The Flash jacket is very light, very comfortable to wear and properly wind-proof. The material feels very soft like a natural fabric, not plastic and artificial like my old jacket. It’s also much more breathable, so I’m not getting the sweat on like I used to.

The jacket holds up ok in light summer showers, but I was caught once in steady cold rain and it soaked through. So in my view, it’s just for summer weather. If I’m expecting steady rain, I’ll use my Adrenaline Jacket instead.

Extra Features

Whilst cycling with the Flash jacket, I’ve not been thinking about it all, which is obviously good since it’s not bothered me. My only problem has been with the main zip. Mine is stiff to get started and the storm flap behind the zip gets caught so I have to tuck that back first.

But once the zip is going, it’s fine and it zips cleanly right to the collar, which is a pleasant change to my old jacket. I’ve noticed good little touches too. The small flaps at the top of each zip to cover the tab and the small extra layer in the vest just in front of the shoulders is really good.


I’d like to see a lot more reflective markings on the jacket, especially on the cuffs or elbows for signalling. I like to be seen by drivers in the dark and so more obvious markings would be an improvement. The yellow colour is good, but other colour choices would also be nice (orange or lime).

I’d certainly recommend the Flash jacket for any regular cyclist, and for other active users such as joggers, for use across the summer.

It’s a good wind-proof jacket, breathable, with a very light, natural feel to the material. Being able to convert it to just the vest seems like a novelty at first, but when you get used to using that feature, it’s a real benefit.