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Staff Review: Merino Base Layers

19.11.2013 | Autumn Adventures

Roslyn from Head Office tests out merino base layer leggings and top for a spot of winter outdoor training.

Now that the weather has grown decidedly colder, it’s definitely time to layer up when exercising outdoors! It can be tough to motivate yourself when it’s pitch black and freezing (especially when your house is so cosy), but I’m of the opinion that the cold weather doesn’t have to mean indoor training. As long as you have good base layers, you can go out in all conditions.

merino base layersSo this winter I thought I’d try merino wool base layers, after hearing so much about the benefits from colleagues and friends. I play hockey every weekend and go to training during the week as well as trying to squeeze in a couple of runs when I can (be bothered)! What better test then than playing sport and running about in November weather?

I tried the merino thermal leggings for a run one night after work and was more than pleasantly surprised by their performance. Unlike the leggings I normally wear running, they made my legs instantly warm which I thought might make me too hot when I started exercising but had no such issue. They felt a bit like wearing nothing being so lightweight and soft, but they really kept the cold out.

And then when I started heating up they maintained my body heat instead of causing any dampness. By the time I got home, a sweaty mess, they were pretty much completely dry and best of all they didn’t smell at all thanks to the antibacterial properties! The only thing I would recommend is wearing black underwear with them if wearing them alone instead of under clothes. In certain lights you might catch a glimpse of your underwear.

I then tried the merino zip neck thermal top for my hockey training and was equally happy with the performance. I often find that wearing a quick dry top with a hoodie over it makes me too hot and the top alone too cold, so wearing this on its own was the perfect balance. Again it is nice and lightweight, soft against the skin and comfy to wear. Really happy with the wicking and antibacterial features too as I feel dry and less of a mess afterwards.

I would definitely recommend these base layers for outdoor training in winter to be worn on their own, but I am sure they also make a good layer underneath your ski stuff. Top marks!