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Staff Review: Rain Welly Boots and Poncho

29.07.2013 | Staff Reviews

Katy from Head Office took the Rain Striped Women’s Wellies and Women’s Patterned Poncho to Glastonbury and almost didn’t get a chance to use them! Luckily a spot of summer rain came to the rescue…

When I first arrived at Glastonbury it looked as though my MW striped wellies and patterned poncho might just sit in my tent for 5 days. While I didn’t want to will any bad weather, I’ll admit I was a little disappointed! Day three however, the heavens opened and my MW gear came into its own.

Mountain Warehouse welly boots in use at Glastonbury

The welly boots and welly boots socks get the thumbs up at Glastonbury!

The Wellies

The wellies were a great fit, they are deliberately made a little on the large side so you can wear thick socks (mine were fleece wellie socks, also from MW), but are surprisingly light on your feet and as promised, kept the rain and mud out. The striped pattern is cool and stood out against my friends in plain colours, I got loads of compliments – and just a little bit of water returned them to their brand new looking state.

The Poncho

The poncho (despite clashing with my wellies, stripes & spots!!!) was also a brilliant choice. The temperature stayed really warm, even while it was raining, so having the lose fitting but completely waterproof cover was a godsend.  My movement wasn’t restricted at all and I could just chuck it over my clothes as and when. The snap clips at the sides made it really easy to get on and off in a hurry, which was great. The hood was a bit big…. maybe I just have a small head – either way it kept the rain off without making me sweaty and overheated in a jacket.  It would be great if these came in a proper little pouch or had its own pocket to stuff into so I didn’t have to hold it or put it in my bag while still wet, but that’s just being fussy – it absolutely did the job I needed it to do.

I would definitely recommend these festival essentials; I couldn’t have done without them!