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Staff Review: Splash Women’s Wellies

27.08.2013 | Reviews

Spash Womens WelliesFestival + rain + mud = a good pair of wellies and with this in mind I was really hoping my Splash women’s wellies wouldn’t let me down. Rain was forecast for a few days over the Womad Festival weekend and thankfully my wellies were just the job when the heavens opened.


The Splash wellies come in three colours (black, blue and purple) and I chose the black version. I chose plain rather than patterned wellies as they are more versatile. Unlike other wellies the Splash wellies are matt not shiny. They don’t look like typical wellies which is a good thing as it makes them more useful for everyday wear. A few more styling details, such as buckles, however, wouldn’t go amiss.


I often find that wellies are tight around the foot and ankle (especially when worn with thick socks), so always opt for a size bigger than my actual shoe size. I choose size 8 wellies (I’m normally a size 7) and there was a bit of room in the front. In hindsight a size 7 would have fitted ok (even with socks) nevertheless the size 8 was not so big they slopped up and down.
I also normally find that wellies are quite roomy around the leg but the Splash wellies were the perfect size around the calf- not too tight or too wide. The wellingtons were also quite high up my legs, handy when you are trudging around in mud as you avoid flicking mud up your legs or trousers!

Although they have a soft fabric lining I definitely wouldn’t wear them without socks (I wouldn’t wear any wellies without socks). As I knew it would be hot, even if it was raining, I wore them with coolmax hiker socks which worked well keeping my feet cool when the sun came out. The socks weren’t higher than the wellies though which was ok when worn with trousers but with bare legs I found the wellies rubbed the back of my legs. Long socks or welly socks are highly recommended if you are planning on wearing your wellies against bare legs. I wore the wellies for an entire day, when a heavy downpour left the campsite and arena like a mud bath, and they did not rub or squash my feet.

The Verdict

Overall the Splash wellies were comfortable even after a long day, sturdy (but not too heavy) and thankfully 100% waterproof! Even in the slippery mud the grip was good thanks to the deep lugs on the sole. The mud was so easy to wipe off with a damp cloth to.  They were the perfect choice for the festival but would also be ideal for dog walking and even snowy days when grip and waterproofness is important.