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Staff Review: Summit 250 Sleeping Bag

24.09.2013 | Staff Reviews

Alex from our Falmouth store gets cosy in our Summit 250 Sleeping Bag

There are many reasons in my life why quality sleeping gear is an absolute essential. I live in a county designed for camping and my partner owns a camper van. He is also a rather loud snorer and my dog’s favourite past time is to sneak into bed in the middle of the night and sneakily kick me out. The list goes on! So recently, when I noticed our ancient spare duvet could have sprouted legs of its own, I realised it was time for a brand new sleeping bag. Enter the Summit 250.

Key Features

The Summit 250 is a 2/3 season sleeping bag making it great for Spring, Summer and Autumn months. Its temperature recommendations are 2 to 18 degrees Celsius meaning it is suitable for a large range of weathers. This bag has been my saviour for nights on the sofa as well as out in the Cornish wilderness. I have found it a god send on all occasions.

It’s super comfortable; the fibre hasn’t clumped after all its use and its thickness is perfect at creating the right amount of warmth to ensure an uninterrupted night. It also has drawstrings at the neck and around the hood to ensure the warmth stays in in colder temperatures. The zip flows nicely without getting stuck (which is great when your still not quite awake and with the world). It also packs away nice and compact and is very light to carry – perfect for if your trekking, back packing or just looking to travel light.Summit 250 Sleeping Bag

Heating Up

One thing I would mention is that you do stick to the recommended conditions stated on the bag – during the warmer summer nights this sleeping bag is a bit too much! However I did find that by unzipping the bag and poking my feet out did provide a comfortable temperature for a great night’s sleep.  This is also useful if you aren’t too keen on the mummy shape and fancy a bit more leg room.

Up Close and Personal

Another great feature, if you do feel that you need a bit more space or you want to get up close and personal with someone else, is that the bag comes in a left and right option meaning you can get one of each and zip two bags together!

The Verdict

All in all, the Summit 250 sleeping bag has become an absolute essential in our household and it fits all of our needs perfectly! 5 stars from us!