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Top Tips For a Sponsored Bike Ride

27.09.2013 | Autumn Adventures

Will from Head Office recently took part in the London Bikeathon, a 52 mile ride circling the city. He tells us the benefits of cycling regularly and some handy tips for taking on a sponsored ride yourself…

Will & Dat Do London Bikeathon

Dat & Will from Head Office looking pretty chilled out before the London Bikeathon!

I have been cycling for years, but when I moved to London I decided to buy a road bike and start commuting to work. It keeps me fit, its saves money and in London it’s quicker than public transport. As well as commuting I also go out every other weekend for a couple of hours on my bike, and I now cycle about 80 miles a week on average.

I did my first sponsored ride this summer; London to Brighton in July and also took part in the London Bikeathon in September. Sponsored rides are great fun with everyone encouraging each other and people cheering by the road sides. You also get to go on a bit of an adventure and see the country without having to worry about directions and traffic! And the best bit is you can do all of this whilst raising money for some really worthwhile causes.

Top Tips For a Sponsored Ride

Iso viz Jacket

Men’s Adrenaline Iso Viz Jacket

  • Do some training first, start with an hour ride, then work your way up every week. In no time you will be cycling 60+ miles.
  • Get a good pair of padded shorts such as Tight Fit Bike Shorts. A well-fitting pair of shorts is more important to your comfort than a padded saddle.
  • Wear a wicking base layer. Whether you choose to wear synthetic or merino is down to personal preference, but a base layer that wicks any moisture away from your skin will keep you comfortable whatever the weather.
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and bring enough food with you. You can sometimes forget to eat when out riding, but there’s nothing worse than running out of energy knowing you’re another hour from the finish line.
  • Wear something Hi-Viz. Whether it’s a jacket, helmet, rucksack cover or ankle clips it is always worth it to make yourself seen by other road users.
  • Finally ride safe and have fun!