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5 Essential Items to Take on an Expedition!

5 Essential Items to Take on an Expedition!

18.04.2019 | Expert Advice

Whether you’re climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or simply going on an outdoors excursion with friends, it’s essential to have the right equipment for your trip.

You can find the complete Mountain Warehouse recommended Kit list for upcoming expeditions in 2019, here, but for now,  our expert team of buyers have highlighted 5 key items essential for exploring below……



The key to endurance on a long walking expedition is comfortable shoes with ankle support. High performance walking boots that are waterproof, have padding on the ankle and tongue of the shoes, have enough grip and are breathable will keep you powering on in all conditions.

Top Tip: Often overlooked, the quality of socks can make all the difference to your performance. Pick socks that provide warmth and comfort – the more breathable the fabric is, the better

Excalibur Men’s Leather Waterproof Boots

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Waterproof Jackets

It’s crucial to choose a jacket that will keep you warm and dry during your adventure. Regardless of the conditions expected, pick a jacket that will overdeliver. A waterproof jacket (tested up to at least 10,000mm of rainfall) will keep you dry whilst walking. On top of this, features such as pockets, an adjustable hem, mesh lining and a pack away hood will ensure that you’re covered for fickle weather.

Top Tip: If exploring in especially windy areas, a softshell jacket will offer another element of protection, with built in chin guards, a scooped back and highly breathable fabric

Altitude Men’s Waterproof Jacket

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Layering up is without a doubt the best way to prepare for uncertain weather conditions. Teaming breathable thermal tops with a warm fleece means that explorers can take off a layer if too hot but won’t be caught short if it gets cooler.

Top Tip: choose a top with UV protection built in to keep you safe in the sun

Talus Men’s Long Sleeve Top

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If it’s not too warm, trousers are best for expeditions as they protect the skin from grazes and insect bites which can occur along the way. Trousers for long hikes must be well fitted and elasticated to offer maximum comfort and movement. Quick drying features are desired if walking through wetlands or rainforests.

Top Tip: Explorers may want to opt for shorts or zip-off trousers instead of trousers if undertaking an expedition in summer months. Choose shorts that have pockets to allow you to store snacks en route and beware of cuts and scratches from long grasses!

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Whilst hiking, it’s likely that there will be lots of kit to take, especially if you’re staying overnight. Therefore, choosing a rucksack that is the right capacity and that sits well on your hips is key. Look out for rucksacks which have adjustable straps, multiple pockets and rain cover!

Top Tip: Choose a dry pack liner for added protection keeping the valuables in your rucksack safe and dry in wet conditions

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