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Hiking FAQ


  1. How many calories does walking burn?
  2. What’s the best food for hiking?
  3. What is average walking speed?
  4. What are the benefits of hiking?
  5. What is Nordic walking?
  6. What is hill walking?
  7. What’s the difference between hiking and mountain climbing?
  8. How much water should I take on a day hike?
  9. Does walking build muscle?


  1. What trousers should I wear for hiking?
  2. What are hiking pants?
  3. What are the best trousers for 3 Peaks?


  1. What is base layer clothing?
  2. How do base layers work?
  3. How do you layer clothes for skiing?
  4. Do baselayers work?
  5. Should thermal base layers be skin tight?
  6. How do base layer leggings work?
  7. What is IsoTherm?
  8. Can I wear viscose as a base layer?
  9. What makes merino wool an effective winter base layer?
  10. What is a bamboo base layer?
  11. Bamboo clothing, is it any good?

Hiking Boots & Shoes

    1. What are walking boots for?
    2. How does a hiking boot differ to a walking boot?
    3. Are women’s hiking boots different to men’s?
    4. What does a 3 season boot mean?
    5. What are 4 season boots?
    6. What are backpacking boots?
    7. How breathable are waterproof walking boots?
    8. What size walking boots?
    9. How much room should feet have in walking boots?
    10. My boots are waterproof, why are my feet wet?
    11. Can I wear hiking boots in snow?
    12. Can I walk in wet grass in my walking boots or shoes?
    13. Are wellies good to hike in?
    14. Are hiking boots or shoes better?
    15. What is IsoGrip?
    16. Can I wear leather boots in the rain?
    17. How often should I replace my walking boots?
    18. How long should hiking boots last?
    19. Why do kids hiking boots not give as much ankle support as adults?
    20. Dubbin vs Shoe Polish- which is best?
    21. Can you apply dubbin to nubuck leather?
    22. How can I soften up new boots?
    23. What are the best road walking shoes?
    24. Can I wear mountain boots for walking on tarmac?
    25. My walking shoes are breathable, why are my socks wet?
    26. Hiking boots vs Train Running Shoes- which is best?

Hiking Socks

      1. What are hiking socks?
      2. Will liner socks prevent blisters?
      3. What is the best material for hiking socks?
      4. How do I stop socks slipping in walking boots?

Rucksacks & Bags

      1. Why are backpacks good?
      2. What rucksack should I buy?
      3. Why are rucksacks measured in litres?
      4. What is the difference between a rucksack and a backpack?
      5. What is a rucksack bag?
      6. Why aren’t rucksacks waterproof?
      7. What size rucksack do I need for a day walk?
      8. What is the best rucksack for hiking?
      9. How big is a 10l rucksack?
      10. How big is a 20l rucksack?
      11. How big is a 30l backpack?
      12. How big a daypack do I need?
      13. How to size a daypack
      14. How should a daypack fit?
      15. How to clean a daypack
      16. What is a dry bag?
      17. What is a compression bag?
      18. What’s the difference between a dry bag, dry liner and a rucksack cover?

Walking Poles

      1. Why do hikers use walking sticks?
      2. Do I need trekking poles?
      3. How long should hiking poles be?
      4. What are the benefits of anti-shock walking poles?
      5. How can I fasten walking poles to backpack?

Walking Gaiters

      1. What are gaiters?
      2. How do I wear ankle gaiters?
      3. How do you know if gaiters are compatible with boots?

Walking Accessories

    1. How does a pedometer work?
    2. What are hiking crampons?
    3. What’s the red flashing light on headtorch?