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How do base layers work? | FAQ | Expert Advice

04.10.2013 | FAQs
Q. How do base layers work?

A. Base layers are designed to keep you warm in low temperatures and wick away moisture from your skin to help regulate your body heat. If you are taking part in any active sport you will probably sweat a bit and the moisture is soaked into your clothes, creating a chill which means your muscles can get cold and therefore cramp or strain more easily. This is why base layers are ideal for wearing during sporting activities.

There are two main types of base layer; thermal and active. Thermal base layers:-

• Are made with insulating fabric to keep you warm

• Are designed to release perspiration- so that you don’t feel damp if you get sweaty

• Are perfect for snow sports and other outdoor sports in colder temperatures

Active base layers:-

• Are made with lightweight, breathable and high wicking fabrics to keep your body heat stable

• Can be used for a variety of outdoor sports including cycling, running, walking and much more