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How do I wash waterproof trousers? | FAQ | Expert Advice

07.10.2013 | FAQs
Q. How do I wash waterproof trousers?

A. You should never wash waterproof trousers with an ordinary detergent or fabric softener. The chemicals in detergent will break down the composition of the fibres and can strip the waterproof coating off the fabric. This will reduce the effectiveness of the waterproof protection and lifespan of the product. If the product is also breathable detergent will block the breathable membrane that allows perspiration out.

To ensure your trousers are cleaned effectively, whilst maintaining breathability and waterproofness, a cleaner specifically designed for technical outwear, such as our Performance Cleaner, is recommended. See our How to Wash Waterproof Clothing guide for step by step instructions on washing waterproofs.