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Inside The Outdoors

Outdoor FAQs

Waterproof Jackets

  1. What are waterproof coats made of?
  2. How are waterproof jackets stitched?
  3. How long will my jacket be waterproof for?
  4. How long can I be outside in the rain in my waterproof jacket?
  5. How often should I reproof my waterproof jacket?
  6. Will a wash in reproofer affect the breathability of my jacket?

Softshell Jackets

  1. What is a softshell jacket?
  2. Can I wear my softshell jacket in the rain?
  3. How waterproof are softshell jackets?

3 in 1 Jackets

  1. What is a 3 in 1 jacket?

Down Jackets

  1. What is a down jacket?
  2. How does a down jacket keep you warm?
  3. Down vs Synthetic. Which is better?
  4. Can you dry clean a down jacket?
  5. What detergent can I use to wash a down jacket?
  6. How to dry a down jacket
  7. Can I reproof a down jacket?


  1. What does showerproof mean?
  2. What does breathable mean?
  3. What does water resistant mean?
  4. How is waterproofness measured?
  5. What do waterproof ratings mean?
  6. What is a hydrostatic head rating?
  7. What’s a good waterproof rating?
  8. What does 2,000mm waterproof mean?
  9. How can I waterproof fabric?
  10. What is reproofing?
  11. Why do I need to reproof my waterproof clothing?
  12. What are taped seams?
  13. What’s the difference between taped, critically taped and welded seams?
  14. What is an ISODRY liner?
  15. Do I need to waterproof my leather boots?
  16. How do I waterproof leather?
  17. Will using a reproofer make normal clothes waterproof?
  18. Why hasn’t reproofing worked?
  19. My clothes feel oily after using reproofer – have I done it correctly?
  20. What products should I use for washing and reproofing waterproof clothing?
  21. Will using reproofer in my washing machine damage other clothes?
  22. Is IsoDry the same as Gore Tex?

Clothing Care

  1. Can you wash shower resistant clothing?
  2. How do I wash waterproof trousers?
  3. Why do we need to wash waterproof clothes?
  4. How to wash Gore Tex
  5. How does Wash’n’Proof work?
  6. After how many wears should I wash my waterproofs?

Waterproof Trousers

  1. What are lined waterproof trousers?
  2. What to wear under waterproof trousers?
  3. What are the best waterproof trousers?


  1. What does “fleece clothing” mean?
  2. What is a micro fleece?
  3. What is an anti-pill fleece?
  4. How does fleece keep you warm?


  1. What are muck boots?

Mountain Warehouse

  1. What is IsoTherm?
  2. What is IsoGrip?
  3. What is IsoCool?