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Reasons To Shop For Products Made With Recycled Materials

14.06.2021 | Outdoor Clothing

What makes a product ‘recycled’?


Clothing made from recycled materials uses products that would otherwise end up in landfill. They can be made of many different materials such as polyester, nylon and cotton. A lot of the time, recycled materials are made of re-used plastic, this can be found in items such as bottles and bags. The items are washed, shredded and then melted down before being spun into yarn. It can then be used like any other piece of normal fibre. We only label a product as recycled if it contains at least 50% recycled material and we hold proof of claim.



Why should I buy products that use recycled materials?


  1. It prevents waste ending up in landfill or the ocean

As we are all aware, a huge amount of rubbish ends up in landfill sites and the ocean each year. Products that use recycled materials help combat this by diverting plastic from these areas and turning it into something new. Our recycled products use up to 10 plastic bottles per garment or 2.5 per bag, just think how many bottles you can save from the rubbish tip with one outfit!


  1. It is friendlier to the environment

Polyester is used to make many different types of fabric and is sourced from oil. By using items already on the planet, we are reducing the need to make more polyester, in turn, reducing oil usage and cutting down on CO2 emissions.


Where can I buy products that use recycled materials?


We have embarked on a sustainability journey and have increased the use of responsibly sourced materials across many kids, men’s, and women’s ranges. This includes our waterproof and softshell jackets, fleeces, activewear, swimwear, and footwear! You can read more about our sustainability journey here.


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