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Reflective Wear Products at Mountain Warehouse: A Guide

Reflective Wear Products at Mountain Warehouse: A Guide

06.10.2021 | Outdoor Buying Guides


As winter approaches, it becomes more and more important to ensure that you are doing everything you can to be seen when out and about in the dark or during bad weather conditions. Whether you’re cycling, running or simply walking the dog, our reflective collection will ensure you’re safe and seen whatever time of the day.


What Is Reflective Material?

A lot of Mountain Warehouse’s reflective range uses Iso-Viz. Iso-viz is a highly reflective fabric that comes in a variety of colours. Reflective material is actually made with minuscule glass beads; these can be used in a few different ways including in thread or put into paint. The glass beads bounce light back to its source which means if you are holding the light source (for example a torch), the light is being directed straight towards you, so you’re able to see the reflected material clearly.


Why Should I Wear Reflective Material?

Wearing something like our Iso-Viz treated products is extremely important when out at night, especially if you are on a road. Without reflective fabrics, cars won’t be able to see you and you risk injury.


What Products Contain Reflective Material?

A lot of our active range contains products with reflective details like the Women’s 360° Reflective Waterproof Jacket and the Men’s 360° reflective water-resistant jacket. The reflective fabric will ensure you are seen even in dark conditions. Or you could try the Adrenaline Men’s Iso-Viz Jacket or Femme Women’s Lightweight Cycling Jacket.

360 Reflective Waterproof Jacket

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Femme Women’s Lightweight Cycling Jacket

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Adrenaline Men’s Iso-Viz Jacket

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Children may benefit from clothing with Iso-Viz too, especially as the nights draw in and it may be darker when they walk home from school. Our 360° Reflective Kids Jacket, Adrenaline Kids Reflective Jacket and Adrenaline Kids High-Viz Jacket are coming soon, all of them ensure kids are seen and safe throughout the winter.


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