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What to Wear Running

31.10.2013 | Active Kit Lists

Running Checklist

  1. Hi-Vis Jacket


  2. Running Leggings or Shorts


  3. Baselayer Top


  4. Sport Socks


  5. Running Shoes


  6. Hat

    A baseball cap can be useful if your running in the summer to keep the sunshine out of your eyes, or if it is raining to keep the rain out! In winter a wooly hat will help you stay cosy.

  7. Sports Bra

    For ladies, a good fitting sports bra is an essential when exercising to offer maximum support and comfort. Ideally these should be made from quick drying fabric.

  8. Water Bottle

    Stay hydrated at all times when running, and take a water bottle. Water bottles with a hole in the middle to grip are perfect for runners to take out and anything with a sports cap means less spillage mid-run!

  9. Hydration Pack

    Alternatively, if you plan a longer run you might want to take a lightweight backpack with a hydration system built-in for easy access to your water. You can also carry extra bits and pieces like your keys, phone and snacks too.

  10. Music

    Listening to music while running can be a great way to get into the ‘zone’ and can help with pace and motivation. However, always be mindful of traffic or other people if you choose to run with music.

  11. GPS Watch

    If you want to calculate your distance, calories burned and speed then a good GPS watch is a great addition to your running kit. However, these can be pricey and you can still use various website to work out these stats when you get home! Speed walkers might prefer using a simple pedometer.

  12. Waist Bag

    If you haven’t got a hydration or backpack, a waist bag could be a good alternative to keep all your essentials without restricting movement.