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Top Tips for Winter Walking

02.12.2013 | Hiking Hints & Tips

Tom from our Falmouth store gives us his top tips for heading out on winter walks this season…


1. Layering- think about thermals, t-shirts and micro fleeces. Using a layering system is beneficial because you add/remove layers as you feel you need too. That way you don’t overheat. A full zip fleece would be ideal for those colder days and a windproof layer will help fight the wind chill.

2. Don’t forget about the bottom half. It’s also important to keep your legs warm. Thermal pants and fleece lined trousers will keep you warm on those cold days.

3. Waterproofs- we all know what the weather can be like here in the UK! Make sure you are adequately prepared with a good set of waterproofs just in case the weather closes in. Being soaked through in the cold weather could be very dangerous.

4. Look after those extremities. Hats and gloves will make a world of difference in the cold weather. Don’t forget about your feet though. A warm pair of socks will make sure they don’t go cold inside your boots.

5. Before you head out, have a nice hot meal. Soup is a great way to warm yourself up. Take a flask of hot tea too.

6. That tip your teachers tell you- if you head indoors, take a layer off, otherwise you won’t feel the benefit when you head back outdoors!