You'll find below a comprehensive list of items which should be packed before you embark on a camping trip. Be Prepared A good night's sleep is fundamental to a successful camping trip. If you pack all of the items below, you should be able to enjoy a peaceful night. Cooking too is an important and highly pleasurable aspect of camping. You wouldn't want to spend half an hour pitching your tent and then discover you'd left home without a gas canister for your cooker. Nor would you want to find your torch missing from your bag or realise halfway through the hike that your toothbrush was still sat patiently on the bathroom windowsill. Our useful checklist may just help to prevent any of these potential nightmares becoming a reality. Camping Checklist Sleeping Tent Spare Tent Pegs & Guy Lines Mallet Groundsheet Roll Mat or Inflatable Mattress Sleeping Bag Travel pillow Cooking Cooker Gas Matches Chairs Table Cool Box Pans Plates Cooking Utensils Lighting Lantern Torch Hygiene Towels Soap Shampoo Toothbrush/Toothpaste Toilet Rolls Clothing Waterproofs Plenty of Layers Walking Shoes/Boots Hat, Gloves & Scarf