When you’re out in the wild, there are few things that are more important than remaining safe and secure. Whilst it’s the sense of freedom that travel and camping creates that is the main reason for doing it in the first place, when night time falls its essential that you are able to navigate your way around and avoid falling into potential disaster! We have compiled this guide to the different lanterns and torches that we offer, and how to choose the right one according to your personal interests. Lanterns Festival goers Sitting in a pitch black tent surrounded by noisy people and loud music is no fun – make it that little bit more pleasant with one of our great lanterns. Large remote control lantern – this is an energy saving, durable lantern which is fairly lightweight and is ideal for festivals – you probably wouldn’t want to take it backpacking due to its size but it is ideal for when you’re not going to be doing much travelling but need a high quality lantern to guide you through the gloom. Large lantern (7LED) with compass – losing your friends is a rite of passage at festivals – but with a bright lantern and a compass, you’ll find them in double time! This lantern has 360 degree illumination and is ideal for making your way through a dark campsite. Environment-conscious Our Dynamo Solar Lantern is ideal for those who care about the environment; there’s no need for batteries as it relies solely on renewable solar sourced energy. Another equally eco friendly lantern is our Wind up Lantern which is powered by the effort you put in! Just wind it up and watch the light flow forth. Backpackers Our compact 3 LED lantern is a perfect backpacker lantern; lightweight, easy to use and compact, it will make a valuable addition to your arsenal of outdoor equipment. Stick and press lantern – this is great for those on the go as it will slip easily into a rucksack, and is easy to use. It can be applied to lots of different surfaces, and will light up your life in an instant! Torches Backpackers An ideal torch for this purpose would be the Dynamo Wind Up Torch, which is both environmentally friendly and perfect for those on the go; easy to pop into a rucksack or backpack, it would probably even slip into the pocket of a pair of our zip off trousers, should you want to go for a wander unencumbered by any luggage! Our Torch with Flex Cable is shockproof and energy efficient, as well as being easy to transport. Our small Travel Torch also has some similar qualities which makes it a good choice for travellers and backpackers. The Intrepid: Want to have the use of your hands but don’t want to compromise on visibility? Then a head torch might be right up your street. Our Dynamo Head Torch has two brightness settings and only one minute of winding gives you 30 minutes of light. Our 10LED head torch is also ideal for all kinds of pursuits, and our Solo Head Torch will keep your eyes on the road without weighing you down. For a present: We have some fantastic novelty torches which will make the perfect gift for the kids – and the adults! Our Bumblebee Dynamo Torch or our Ladybird torch are new this season and are as reliable as they are visually interesting! We also offer our trusty Cow and Pig torches, the funny and vibrant design of which will surely encourage the kids to keep safe whilst camping this summer! TIP: It’s also a great idea to stock up on spare bulbs. You might never need them, but you won’t regret buying them if you find yourself in a situation which needs a spare torch bulb and you have one handy. The weigh next to nothing, they’re cheap, and they may just save your bacon this summer!