The outdoors is wonderful and rewarding in equal measure; its beauty has inspired us throughout the ages and its power continues to humble us. It is a magnificently dominant force and should be afforded the respect and attention it demands. Emergency Shelters We here at Mountain Warehouse take the safety and protection of our customers as our primary concern and in doing so we provide a range of protective emergency shelters to ensure that you are always well equipped for anything Mother Nature can throw at you. Our storm shelters provide immediate protection in times of danger. Featuring the latest in modern-day technology, these shelters provide instant respite in extreme situations. Lightweight Bivis Along with our range of Storm Shelters, we also stock a selection of Bivi Bags. These extremely lightweight protective sacks are used as an alternative to a tent in survival situations. The waterproof fabric shell is designed to supplement the sleeping bag and provides an additional 5 to 10 F of warmth as well as providing an extra barrier against the elements. In situations where it is impractical or impossible to pitch a tent, bivi bags and Storm Shelters can really make the difference.