For the more adventurous explorer, footwear should consist of one type: the Hiking Boot. If your idea of a brisk walk involves a quick 10-mile hike off the beaten track, you'll need a boot rugged enough to keep up with your changing environment. Tough Outdoor Boots While the range of Hiking Boots we have on offer is large, they can be divided into two categories. For the tough and inhospitable conditions we recommend a heavy, hardwearing boot. These sturdier boots will provide your feet with the support and warmth needed in colder, harsher conditions. For summer hiking - or walking in more agreeable conditions - a lighter boot should be worn. These boots will allow a greater freedom of movement for your feet, and in warmer conditions, the lightweight fabrics will enable them to breathe. Cushioned Footwear Choosing the right boot can be a daunting task given the range of boots available. However, this task can be made easier if you remember: When buying a boot always pick one which is between 12-15mm longer than your foot Boots used for backpacking or hill-walking should have more cushioning than boots that are to be used for scrambling or climbing If you walk in wet terrain, it is important to buy a shoe with a waterproof lining - walking with wet feet is not fun!